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Impro Carnival at the Oslo Impro Festival

Impro Neuf

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🏰 === FREE IMPROV ADVENTURE AWAITS! === 🏰 Transforming Chateau Neuf into an improv wonderland, prepare for a day bursting with excitement and creativity! Dive into a realm of endless laughter and imaginative exploration without spending a dime. 🎟️ ~~ ENTRY IS FREE! ~~ 🎟️ Come for the improvisation, stay for the memories. Here's to a day of pure improv jubilation! 🥳🎈 Invite your friends, spread the word, and let's make this a day to remember! 🎭 --- FORGET THE USUAL --- 🎭 Laugh and play alongside your favorite OIF maestros. Take a whirl on our "Rides" – 45-minute improv sessions sprinkled with fun themes. From classics like Object Work 🎩 to niche delights like Improv in Spanish 💃 or Japanese Anime 🌸, there’s something for every improv enthusiast. And with sessions running all day, the world's your improv oyster! ☕ +++ BETWEEN THE RIDES +++ 🍪 Enjoy back-to-back shows, dynamic jams, and when you need that energy kick, our coffee and treats are on standby ☕🍪. 🔦 !!! LIGHT UP THE STAGE !!! 🔦 Feeling inspired? Spotlight's on you! Host your own Ride! Apply here: ❤️ ::: WHY THIS CARNIVAL? ::: ❤️ At Impro Neuf, we believe in a shared journey of laughter and learning. This day is our tribute to every improviser's unique voice and the magic they bring. It's not just an event; it’s a gathering of souls, a celebration, and a dance of creative spirits.