The Singer of Zombie Steakhouse (Tor Idar) Lies Dead, in front of a Red Treasure Chest.

Not a Mimic!

Dungeons & Dragons Studenter Oslo

Om eventet

“Come On! The Treasure Chest is Right There! What are we waiting for?” -Famous last words of an Adventurer. D&D SO Welcomes its members to a fun evening, filled with ordinary interactable objects. Just exciting adventures with Normal Furniture, Rooms with No enemies, and a general sense of Safety . Don’t worry about the Teeth, they’re a Design. For the Month of September, we have decided to dedicate to the beloved staple of D&D. Ordinary Treasure Chests! Not Mimics that only Pretend to be Treasure Chests, mind you. We would Never. ; ) This event is for members only. So if you want to join, please consider joining the association. The event will have 5 Tables, with experienced Dungeon Masters available. Pizza will be served during the Break. Hope to see you There. (Warning! D&D SO does Not take responsibility for Any Paranoia, the players might experience, related to our Treasure Chests) Event is Saturday, September 23. From Kl: 17:00. Event ends at Kl: 20:30. Event is held at Chateau Neuf, Klubbscenen. Slemdalsveien. 15. 0369.