Jennifer Lopez er kledd og poserer som en slags Jomfru Maria, med et stort diamantskjell bak henne

Kino: The Cell – 35mm

Cinema Neuf

Aldersgrense: 18 år Pris: 90 kr

Om eventet

Tarsem Singh’s The Cell is an experiment in science fiction and psychological horror executed with Bollywood sensibilities and starring a villain that compares favorably to Hannibal Lecter. FBI-agent Catherine Dean (Jennifer Lopez) uses experimental technology to enter the mind of a comatose serial killer in order to learn where he has buried his latest victim. While in the darkest depths of his subconscious, the serial killer’s fantasies begin to terrorize Dean. With fantastic costume and set design from the Japanese art director Eiko Ishioka, The Cell is a visual feast replete with wild imagery that artfully mirrors the mind of a psychopath. Upon its release, the film flopped financially and garnered very few positive reviews. At Cinema Neuf we hope to inspire a world-wide re-evaluation of the film, and usher it into the Mount Olympus of great horror films. Tarsem Singh USA 2000 107 min 35mm English language, Norwegian subtitles Skrevet av Aslak Leo Jåsund