Tre menn står langs en tom vei med ryggen vendt, to motorsykler foran dem

Kino: Easy Rider – 35mm

Cinema Neuf

Aldersgrense: 18 år Pris: 90 kr

Tor. 28. september

Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf

Åpent for alle

Om eventet

“A man went looking for America, and couldn’t find it anywhere.” It is difficult to overstate the effect that Easy Rider has had on the history of Hollywood. After a series of big-budget flops from the large studios in the 60s, the audiences were yearning for a simpler, more authentic style of film that appealed to the younger generation; something Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda delivered with Easy Rider. This counter-culture classic reflected the disillusionment of the youth, and the growing cynicism of the hippie-generation. The film was a massive box office success and announced the arrival of a new generation of filmmakers in America who moved away from the big studio model and centered the director as a structuring force in the film. Two bikers travel across America with the proceeds from a drug deal in Mexico, hoping to make it to New Orleans in time for the Mardi Gras parade. With no real motive other than to live for the moment, the characters, as well as the film, explore a lifestyle of freedom and solipsism in the shadow of what they see as the decline of America. Dennis Hopper USA 1969 95 min 35mm English dialogue, Norwegian subtitles Skrevet av Aslak Leo Jåsund

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