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Hi and welcome to SAIH Blindern's annual meeting! SAIH Blindern’s annual meeting will take place on Thursday June 1st at 17.30 (location to be announced). Here we will go through the activities the local chapter has participated in the last year, budgeting and electing a new board. All positions are open for grabs. If you are interested in learning more about SAIH, get to work in a team and want to get some organizational experience in a super interesting and important organization, please feel free to join our annual meeting and run for positions. The positions SAIH Blindern wants to fill are: President: The formal leader of the local chapter. The most important task of the president is to be the contact person for the local chapter. They are usually the one to be in contact with SAIH Central, and other organizations that may want to contact the local chapter. The president will also be responsible for delegation of tasks if it is not being resolved by the initiative of the activists. Vice president: The vice president in the local chapter works closely with the president, and can step in and help the president with tasks, like summoning meetings and fulfilling reports and applications if needed. This is a great position if you are more interested in learning more about running a local chapter, both on a local level and in contact with SAIH central. Treasurer: The treasurer is in charge and responsible for anything and everything financial. This mostly includes keeping track of expenses, accounting and budgeting, sending the financial report for the semester, and applying for funds for next semester. This is a position with a lot of responsibility, as it is one of two vital positions in the LC, but you need no former experience to fill the position. Social-media responsible: As the social media responsible you are in charge of the local chapters social media platforms. This includes to post upcoming and current events, and share what engages the local chapter. This is a fun and creative position on the board, and does not require any previous experience. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message:) Looking forward to seeing you!