Viviation Breathwork w/Crussen at U1

Viviation Breathwork w/ Crussen

Studentenes Forening for Psykdelisk Vitenskap

Aldersgrense: 18 år Pris: 50 kr for medlemskap kr

Om eventet

18:00-19:15 Viviation Breathwork (for those with tickets) 19:30-23:00 Mingling and music with SFPV (free for everyone to join) Guided in a light-hearted way, Vivation is a gentle and pleasurable breathwork meditation based on ancient traditions and modern breathwork. A thorough and precise skill that we can easily integrate into daily life to expand our consciousness, reduce negativity, make us feel more comfortable in our own bodies and increase our capacity to enjoy and learn from life's challenges. The session will be guided by an amazing facilitator: Robbin van der Crussen. Crussen is a Swedish breathwork teacher, musician, producer and DJ based at the edge of the forest outside Oslo. Traveling the world sharing his electronic music with live harmonica and facilitating breathwork sessions, his name has become synonymous with a uniquely playful expression and guidance. As co-founder of OYNS, he hosts retreats in Norway. TICKETS: