En fest i Versailles, med Kirsten Dunst som Marie Antoinette i midten

Kino – Marie Antoinette – 35mm

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Om eventet

Studentpris: 40,- Ordinærpris: 60,- ( Ved første besøk må det også betales en årskontingent på 50,- ) MARIE ANTOINETTE. This is ridiculous /COMTESSE. This, Madame, is Versailles. Sofia Coppola’s distinct voice deconstructs and reimagines the infamous Marie Antoinette by crafting a genuine yet camp mishmash of traditions. Its hyper-feminine and naïve aesthetic questions the systematic dismissal of all which is associated with girlhood as vapid. Embodied in a refreshing Kirsten Dunst, the soulless queen image is discarded; she is nothing but an afraid teenage girl on whose shoulders the weight of a crumbling history was placed. Her solitude is hinted; it inhabits the unsaid. The visual is deceiving, the tone ambiguous and the tackling of the period anachronic. A nuanced tapestry is woven; from soundtrack —Vivaldi hand in hand with The Strokes— to costume design —baby blue Converse and exquisite Ancien Régime gowns—, the language is that of the incohesive: the dated is timeless, past and present coexist. The inability to be seen beyond façade exceeds the film, echoing in a critical reception that deemed it mediocre; failing to acknowledge it as a subversive oeuvre of the postmodern era. At core, Marie Antoinette’s kitsch nature uproots female expectations in a fun yet humane way. Sofia Coppola USA 2006 35mm 123 min English language, Norwegian subtitles Written by Ana Vinuesa Antiñolo