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🎉 Join us for the fifth edition of the Oslo Impro Festival, brought to you by Impro Neuf! From October 9th-15th, 2023, gear up for a week filled with joy, fun, and exhilarating live improv theatre. Mark your calendars! ─────── ⭐ ─────── ✨ We are a kaleidoscope of cultures. Our aim is to reflect this diversity in our lineup – teachers, performances, or the varied improv styles. With 30+ global teams each bringing its unique flair & humor, be ready to be swept off your feet. Renowned improvisers lead workshops and side activities galore to amplify the essence of improvisation. ─────── ⭐ ─────── 💬 We're all about improv comedy! A melting pot where global improvisers converge, learn, and perform for eager audiences. Join us to champion improv's power to connect souls and craft memories. ─────── ⭐ ─────── 🌐 Dive into a global lineup! 🎵 Stacey Smith: ❌ Singing in Character (sold out): ❌ The Deltones (sold out): ➡️ Intro to Musical Improv: 🎭Tanine Dunais: ➡️ Film Farsi / Iranian telenovela: ➡️ Vulnerability: ➡️ Diversity: ➡️ From Doodling to Performing: 🎭 Daniel Orrantia: ➡️ All 4 One and 1 For All: ➡️ The Trip: ➡️ Show Ingredients: ➡️ Fear as a Friend: 🎭 Craig Uhlir: ➡️ Openings and Group Games for the Harold: ➡️ La Ronde: ❌ Longforms, Callbacks and Structures (sold out): ➡️ Tag Out Town: 🎭 Laxmi Priya: ➡️ Push, Pull & Embrace: ➡️ WhimsImprov: ➡️ A Dance through the Dark: ➡️ The Playback Toolbox: 🎭 Felipe Ortiz: ➡️ Physical tool kit for improvisers: ➡️ Storytelling through Magical Realism: ➡️ Movement: ─────── ⭐ ─────── 🎫 Buy your festival pass here: 📆 Show schedule is on the way! Join us for a festival of laughter, learning, and limitless creativity!