Picking up the key

You can pick up the key to your accommodation from 12.00 the day your contract starts. If your contract starts on a weeend or a public holiday, the keys can be picked up from 12.00 the following working day.

You will receive information by e-mail in advance of the move-in day about where to pick up your key.

To collect keys you need physical identification and a deposit must be paid. The deposit invoice can be found on My page - My Finances.

From the starting day of your contract, you have 14 days to collect the key. If you are unable to pick up the keys within these 14 days, please let us know. If you fail to notify us, you may risk losing your accommodation.

Normally, when picking up keys, access cards, or when enquiring about your tenancy you will be asked to show your ID.

We accept the following ID Documents:
• Passport
• Driver’s license from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland
• Norwegian bank card (with picture and national identity number)
• National ID Card from Norway, Sweden and Finland
• European ID Cards from some countries

Student documentation
When you pick up the key to your residence, you must present proof of study / confirmation that you are in or will be in an educational institution affiliated with SiO. Students who attend or will attend educational institutions that are not affiliated with SiO will not be allowed to move in (unless otherwise agreed).

If you arrive outside of our opening hours, please read here.

Picking up keys in Åråsen Student House
At Åråsen Student House you pick up the keys at the office, located in the basement in the student house, Monday - Friday between 14:00 and 15:00

Locked out?
Call 22 85 32 00. You can call at any time. See the prices in the general conditions.

New keys
Please contact the SiO Customer Service Centre if your keys or access card is stolen or lost.

Is your cohabitant the contract holder?
Have you lost your key, and your cohabitant who is the contract holder is not able to pick up a new key in the Customer Service Centre? You can pick up a new key at the Customer Service Centre, but you must provide an authorization from your cohabitant who is the contract holder of the residence.

Authorisation for picking up keys in your absence 
If someone you know are going to pick up your keys for you, you need to send us information about the person you authorise. You will get a confirmation from us once we have checked the authorisation.
In order for the authorisation to be valid, please follow these steps:

  • The authorisation must be sent from My page or your registered e-mail address
  • In the subject field, please write «AUTHORISATION»
  • In the text field, please write what you want to give an authorisation for, who you give it to, and the birth date of the person you give the authorisation to
  • Please attach a scanned picture of your passport
  • Remind the person who will pick up your keys to bring their own valid ID when they come to collect your keys

Moving out on My page/handing in keys

Moving out on My page
When you are moving out and are ready to leave your accommodation for the last time, you must register that you have moved out on My page. Go to My page -> I live here -> Register Moving out. You must complete the registration by 12 (noon) on the day your contract ends. When you complete the registration, you will lose access to your accommodation immediately. It’s therefore important that you do not complete the registration before you have actually moved out. When the registration is complete, drop your access card and laundry card (if you have one) in the box marked «Moving out on My page». You must place the postal key on the floor inside the door of your apartment.

Location of boxes:
Kringsjå: Between Olav M. Troviks vei 70 and 72
Sogn: Outside Sognsveien 85
Bjølsen: Outside the laundry room in Moldegata 5

Other student houses: In the entrance area of the building 

Handing in keys
If the moving out on My page service is not available for your accommodation, or if you prefer to not use the service, you must hand in all your keys and cards at the Customer Service Centre. Your keys and cards must be placed in an envelope marked with your name and address. If you live in Oslo, the envelope is to be delivered to the Customer Service Centre by 12 (noon) of the day your contract ends. We are based at Kristian Ottosens hus, Problemveien 9, at Blindern. If you are not able to come by during opening hours, please leave the envelope in the hatch on the left side of the main entrance at the Customer Service Centre.

At Åråsen Student House, the envelope is to be delivered in the white mail box marked SiO on the 1st floor.

Deadline for moving out on My page/handing in keys

The registration of moving out on My page must be completed by 12 (noon) on the day your contract ends.

If you are delivering keys and cards in an envelope, it must be handed in before 12 (noon) the day your contract ends.

Additional charges will be added if you do not register your moving out or hand in your key before the deadline.