Our vaccination offer is at SiO Health Blindern. The address is Kristian Ottosens hus, Problemveien 9 (2nd floor), 0313 Oslo. 

To book travel vaccines or other vaccines, please call us at: 22 85 33 00.


Please call 22 85 33 00 to arrange a time for flu vaccination.

For you who belong to the risk group: We still have vaccines left. It costs NOK 50 to be vaccinated at SiO Health.

For those of you who do not belong to the risk group and who pay a semester fee to SiO: One of our doctors will arrange a prescription for the flu vaccine for you. You must buy the vaccine at the pharmacy and bring it to your appointment with us. It costs NOK 200 to be vaccinated at SiO Health.

Whether you belong to a risk group or not, the rule applies that you must not come to our premises if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, are in quarantine or have another ongoing suspicion of covid-19.