All students who have paid the semester fee to SiO can have their regular General Practitioner (GP) with us. Our GPs are located at our three health centers and all of our GPs have many years of experience working with students. You can choose between having your appointment at one of our health centers, or as a video consultation that can take place anywhere. An appointment with a GP typically lasts 15-20 mins and must be reserved for just one matter per appointment.

Important information before booking appointment
All counsulations will due to the covid-19 pandemic be conducted on video. The doctor will in most cases be able to solve your issue in the video appointment. If the doctor appraise that it is necessary that you get a psycical exmination, you will get an new appointment. You can book video appointment at

Why do we conduct video consultations?
We first conduct a video consultation where the doctor clarify whether your issue can be solved in the video appointment. If you need apsycical exmination the doctor needs to clarify if you can come to our health center or should have another follow-up and examination for patients who are infected, or suspects to be infected with corona.

Do you suspect you have a coronavirus infection?
If you feel sick, stay at home. If you have mild respiratory symptoms, you should stay at home for at least one day after you feel well. 

If you have severe symptoms, you can call the Oslo corona line on 21 80 21 82, or the Oslo emergency room on 116 117. If you are not able to get in touch with the City of Oslo, you can call us for information. 
For updated advice from the health authorities,

Digital services 
SiO's GPs offer video consultations, which function as regular GP appointments, but take place on video via app or a website on a PC. If you wish book a video consultation instead of an appointment at the health center, you can book this at (Please note that this website is in Norwegian).

You can also ask a medical question about an illness or situation in an e-consultation at This functions as a messaging service to your GP.

If you need to renew one or more existing prescriptions, you can also request this at

You also have the opportunity to ask a practical question to the reception at SiO Health. You do this digitally via

No Norwegian social security number? is only available to residents with Norwegian social security numbers.
If you don’t have a Norwegian social security number, please call 22 85 33 00 to book an appointment or if you have any questions.

Cancelling your appointment?
Cancellations must be made during the working week (Monday-Friday), and 24 hours in advance at the latest. Complete your cancellation at
You will have to call us on 22 85 33 00 to cancel an appointment that is due within the next 24 hours.

Acutely ill?
If you are acutely ill and need medical attention on the same day, you can book one of our emergency appointments. Urgent appointments are made available for booking on the same day, either via electronic booking ("e-hastetime") or by calling 22 85 33 00 when the health center opens.
If you suspect a urinary tract infection, please bring morning urine. 

Urgent medical help
If it is outside our opening hours, you may contact Oslo emergency care unit (open 24 hours) or call 113.

If you don't wish to book your appointment at, you can call us and book your appointment, Mon-Fri from 08.15 – 11.00 and 12.30 – 14.30.

22 85 33 00 

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